This is the web site of the informal association

Energy Finance Italia (EFI)

The Energy Finance Italia (EFI) Network is a pool of scientists and professionals, who started since 2013 with a wide project on Energy Finance in the educational and research sector. EFI is an Italian-born project but soon has become wider. The academic and professional partners involved in EFI Network are mainly from Italy, but Poland, UK, France, Germany, Australia are also represented.

Given the broad topic of Energy, EFI is characterized by a strong interdisciplinarity, that ranges between hard Sciences (Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Material Sciences) and  Economics and Finance.

All members of EFI network share the common aim to give valuable contributions both in the academia (through highly qualified publications in top Journals in various scientific sectors) and more generally collaborating with public and private Institutions for the benefit of the society,

EFI vision is ambitious, to build a scientific community able to intervene in various sectors of the societies to contribute to positive achievements, in the framework of the circular economy, conventional and renewable energy, sustainability.


EFI is glad to announce that the next workshop of the association,

Energy Finance Italia (EFI) - Edizione 4,

will be held at the University of Milano-Bicocca, in Milano, Italy, in February 4-5, 2019.

Updated info available HERE!

Final IEF Program now available!


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